Prevent Fraud by Foreign Education Consultants

By March 30, 2019 Helpful Tips

Prevent Fraud by Foreign Education Consultants

Here are few key points to help you make a wise decision.

Helpful Tips | March 30, 2019

We often read instances where educational consultants have duped students of lakhs of rupees under the pretext of giving them an assured admission in college/colleges abroad. Such news are no more alarming to most of us. Despite frequent repetitions of such incidents, why do parents and students get deceived?

Mentioned below are some important points to know to avoid such incidents.

  1. Nobody, neither consultants, nor university representatives , can guarantee confirmed admissions to a student. Even ‘on the spot’ admissions offered by universities has a fine print which says it is ‘conditional’. If a consultant talks of guaranteed admissions, it should ring an alarm bell. Admission department of a university decides it and it does not authorize anyone else to do it. We suggest that you plan your applications in such a way that your chances of getting admissions increase.
  2. Do all the document and financial transactions directly with the university. Do not give fees or other documents to consultants and bank on them to transfer it to university. Beware when consultants ask to do so.
  3. All the communication from the university, either through mail or hard copy( I-20) should be delivered to your email address or physical address. That way you can be directly connected to the university. Parents and students should be involved in the application process too. Aim is not to just land up at university, student will also have to handle academics and other social aspects and communication skills will be vital part of it. Get involved in the process and start early.
  4. ‘Universities affiliated’ with the consultants, may necessarily not be the right fit for the student. They usually are the ones which give better monetary gains to the consultant.
  5. Do not get enticed by visa agents or admission agents. If seeking admission is your goal, there is no short cut. All other alternative means are for desperate immigrants and as we know, they are risky.
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