How early to plan for Bachelor’s abroad?

How early to plan for Bachelor’s abroad?

High School Students | August 08, 2019

Looking at the steady increase in the exposure and interest for global education amongst high school students, there are many who dream of studying abroad post 12th grade. Even parents are willing to provide them with foreign education at undergraduate level. Reason behind this change in trend are many like international exposure, facilities, quality of education, the teaching methodology, intercultural exposure, interacting with different students from across the world, flexibility in choice of subjects etc. Besides these, the options of field of study as well as destination is vast.

The main question however is how to plan and most importantly how early to plan?

If foreign education is on your mind, then the best time to start planning is as soon as the child begins her/his high school. Even if you are not sure but have a slight inclination towards it, it’s advisable to start early so that you have all the options open. The biggest mistake students and their parents make is that they wait till the very end, which at times cost them a whole year post 12th. Many of you would think how can a high school student know and decide for her/his education abroad? Yes, they would not know, but providing them the right direction at the right time will give them lots of clarity on it which will ultimately help them decide. There are few points which need to be taken into consideration for it.

  • Unlike India, admission criteria for universities abroad does not depend solely on board exam results. Overall profile of the student is evaluated. A good score is just a part of the whole process. So it becomes very important to build up a presentable profile over a period of time.
  • Selecting a bachelor degree to pursue can’t be decided overnight. Proper amount of time, exposure, guidance and counselling is required to gauge the liking and aptitude of the child.
  • At times kids have a very field specific course in mind which they want to take up. Such courses require a bit of extra counselling, research and planning.
  • Also planning finance well in advance plays a key role and will guarantee a smooth sailing throughout the procedure and till the child gets her/his bachelor’s degree.
  • Living through the whole process over a period of 4-5 years helps the child in connecting, becoming emotionally mature and ready to explore the new world.

It’s always wise to approach an expert for right guidance and advice.

We believe that a very well researched, precisely planned and well executed admission procedure can never go wrong.

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