International Summer School-Why go for it?

International Summer School-Why go for it?

International Summer School | February 10, 2019

International Summer school is a known term around the world though a little less known in India. Nevertheless, there is a  surge in interest for summer schools here as well. Whether a student is interested in sports or music or academics , a summer school program has so much to offer in all these fields and beyond. Now a days students welcome an opportunity to explore international summer experience of two, four or six weeks which at times can earn them credits in their respective studies. It also supports their university  application and help them in building an impressive CV. It is a unique program which allows them to grow, become independent & self-confident while socializing and making new friends.

It is a structured opportunity for a student where she/he can travel alone yet be in a group and gain in depth exposure to outside world. When they travel without their parents, they gain confidence and develop & learn the essential life skills. It is also their first step to getting introduced to international schools and universities. They get a chance to interact with students and coordinators from different cultures and nationalities. It helps them to understand how people from different culture work and conduct themselves socially as well as professionally. International summer school also provides them the best platform to explore different field of studies, both theoretically and practically. Each course involves field trips and presentations, which help the students to improve and develop language, speaking and presentation skills. As it is more hands on and practical based studies, students gain lots of clarity and confidence in selecting their choice of career in future.

Summer schools are formatted in such a way that everyone can pick something of their interest. Participants develop and train while experiencing a new & exciting learning environment. Not only they come across people from different culture and explore a new international city but also get a first hand intensive and interactive learning experience from best of the international schools. There are mainly five fields of interest offered by the international schools which can be related to academics, volunteering, art & music, language, sports and adventure . There they can sharpen their language skills or learn more about fields they are interested in or can just test and try a completely new field of interest ! They can indulge in learning a musical instrument to play or try their hand at art or learn new tips & tricks by attending a sports camp, the options are limitless!

Everyone can benefit from a new idea, and summer school is the perfect place to find more than few. So all in all, an international summer school is the best opportunity along with unforgettable experience a student should grab to make it a summer to remember!

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